LaShelle & Randi

We are a mother/ Daughter team of bloggers interested in bringing joy and beauty to others around us.  We want to spread some sparkle, by helping others feel good about themselves, their body image, and abilities.  We would like encourage to go out and do good in the world one small act of kindness at a time.

About Randi

I am a newly wed wifey and live with my husband and two fuzzy cats in Tucson, AZ. I love fitness, cooking, makeup, Mexican food, adventure, classic rock, chai tea, animals, and all that glitters! I am a licensed hair and makeup artist and although I do not work in that field for a living anymore, I really enjoy playing with those skills and sharing them with others. I currently work for Under Armour and am growing in the fitness, nutrition, and retail industries. I love lifting weights to do good for the booty and yoga to do good for the brain!

My husband Porter and I love to go on adventures together. We are both scuba certified, enjoy traveling to different cities around the world, and scoring the best deals to do so. Some of our favorite adventures include: snorkeling with whale sharks off the coast of Mexico, riding a bob-sled roller coaster through the jungle in Jamaica, diving with manta rays in Hawaii, and doing an airboat tour in the Florida everglades. We are looking forward to our upcoming honeymoon  trip to Italy and France.

When I am not adventuring, I am living that DIY newlywed busy life.If I am not at work you will find me in the gym, or having a movie marathon with Porter at home, snuggled in with a cup of tea and a cat on my lap.  We are always striving to find balance between work and play, prepping our lunches and running to Starbucks before early shifts, eating homemade veggie lasagna or eating popcorn for dinner. It is a crazy, beautiful life and I love spending every minute of it with my best friend.

I am very real and raw and will often bare my soul to let anyone who cares to empathize that life isn’t always perfect, and it oddly doesn’t need to be.  I am always striving to do my personal best and when life gives me kale, I make a delicious drinkable juice (no seriously, I have some awesome juicing recipes 😉 )  I can’t wait to share a small piece of my journey with you and hopefully help you on yours.

About LaShelle

I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, Auntie and friend and adore taking care of my family, spoiling my nieces and nephews, (I can’t wait to get Grandkids!  🙂 ) being the best friend that I can be, and doting on my husband of 18 years, Brad.  We make our home in Flagstaff, Az.  We have a blended, “yours, mine and ours” family of 7 children.

I am a pretty old-fashioned gal in a lot of ways. I am passionate about making things by hand!  I feel as you make and give things that you made yourself with love, that you give a piece of that love away! I love classic films, fashion, and music.   I enjoy gardening and canning, growing beautiful flowers in my garden, (and finding the kinds that the deer and bunnies won’t eat to a nub), hand quilting my own quilts and embroidery.   I love to read! Curling up with a good book  is such a joy!    Being attracted to the old-fashioned and DIY way of life doesn’t mean that I don’t keep up on the new! I am always scoping out the latest trends in fashion, make up, music, food, film and décor. I adore cooking  and  baking!  With 2 teenage boys and a husband at home I feel like my life is all about food sometimes, since they like nothing better than a great meal! Making them their favorite food makes them feel loved, and I try to oblige! I love these hungry guys!

I recently discovered that I have Celiac disease. This has been a huge change in my life! I took a break from blogging for a bit, because I couldn’t make any of the things that I had planned on blogging about. All of my favorite baked goods, and tried and true recipes are things of the past! I’m having to learn new things, and I now feel that I am getting my feet under me a little better and want to share the journey!

My husband and I love to travel, and we do it every chance we get.  We have been to watch glaciers calve in Alaska, snorkeled in crystal blue waters of the Caribbean, walked ancient castles and cemeteries in Scotland, sailed the path of the Titanic, have reveled in awe at Stone Henge, and the architecture and museums of London.  We love the adventures that we have together!   We are always looking for a good deal and an affordable way to go.  I am looking forward to many more adventures with my Sweetheart!

I love going to church, leading our church choir and love the word of God. I believe what make us truly happy is loving each other as He loves us, and helping each other through this adventure we call life.  I hope through this blog to help, lift, inspire and to add a little sparkle!!