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Juicing and Smoothies!

I have always loved making smoothies! Now that I am on my elimination/Celiac/gut health diet, it is more important than ever that they are packed with nutrition! I have a few ideas to share with you! I would also love any ideas you have as well!

1. A Vitamix blender makes this so awesomely easy! You can throw in various (WHOLE) fruits and veggies and it will pulverize it! Frozen fruit, no problem! Kale? As smooth as can be. It’s a great way to go! If this is going to be a way of life for you from now on, you might seriously consider the investment. You can sometimes find deals online or at Costco.

2. A juicer helps you make amazing smoothies! My Hubby found me an amazing juicer at an estate sale for $3. I look at those 8 oz. Bottle of fresh juicer at the store for ten bucks, and think, I can make so much more for the same price! The problem with juicing is that it takes time and makes a mess, so who wants to do that very often! Not me! So I juice every 2 weeks. I juice a 5 lb. bag of organic carrots, a few beets, a bunch of kale and a few apples. Sometimes chard, pineapple, lemon or ginger. I know that they can be expensive and not everyone can find one at the price I did, but who knows, check out thrift shops, estate sales and such, just keep your eyes open! Maybe you will score!

Above is kale, Apple, carrot, and then I did 2 beets.

I then mix up the juice and pour cup sized portions into snack size baggies. I then freeze these juice packs for my morning smoothies! Or of course you could just thaw and drink! No need to drag out your juicer every time you want fresh,delicious and healthful juice. This has been wonderful for me.

3. The next thing I do to make my smoothies, is frozen fruit. I put 1 serving of fruit in a snack baggie. This can be bought frozen, or I like to find berries and fruit and sale, wash, cut a bunch and freeze it in packs. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, banana, peaches, pineapple and papaya, to name some, are so good in the smoothie! Make some different combos so that you get variety! Reaching in the freezer to grab a juice pack and a fruit pack will be such fast start to your smoothies, you’ve done the juicing the measuring, and now, what else should you put in it?

4. Nuts and seeds

You can totally throw in a handful of cashews, almonds, or a serving of butters made from nuts. Yummy! This makes it creamy and good! And gives you a different flavor!

5. More veggies if you can take it! You get some veggies in the juice, but pack in the vitamins and fiber with a big handful of fresh spinach or kale! A piece of zucchini, or anything you like raw! Sometimes these combos make a weird colored drink, but that’s ok! This is fuel for our bodies, not a milk shake!

6. Coconut yogurt

This is the only yogurt I can find so far in my area, that is dairy free and has no added sugar, and that’s only the natural flavor. This adds creaminess, but also give me a shot of probiotics!

7. Keifer, or coco keifer!

Another way to get probiotics, just pour a shot into your blender! You can buy this at the health food stores. Fermented food is so good for your gut health!

8. Protein powder

Since I am totally grain free, I found and love this smooth vanilla grain free plant protein powder by Garden of Life.

It’s delicious and my smoothies give me energy for hours! It also has probiotics.

9. Liquid ie..almond, cashew, coconut milk, water, I don’t use fruit juice since I already have my juice and berries. Most fruit juices you buy are nutritionally like drinking punch anyway with most of them containing juice that has been pasteurized and/or concentrated. Unfortunately, after the processes, there isn’t much left but sugar.

Use a nut milk that is unsweetened, and has the least amount of thickeners/additives.

I also love a dollop of coconut cream sometimes, so yummy.

10. Make your smoothie a little different every day. Use your veggie juice packs, varied frozen fruit, and mix up the rest of what you add.

Here’s a few ideas:

Juice pack,

frozen fruit pack with raspberries, blackberries and blueberries.

A big handful of spinach,

a dollop of coco yogurt,

almond/cashew milk.

Protein powder.

No need to add ice if your fruit/veggies juice packs are frozen.

Here’s another one:

Veggies juice pack,

fruit pack of papaya, pineapple and half a ripe banana.(I also freeze in baggies when they get real ripe)

handful of kale,

coconut/almond milk,

dollop of coconut cream.

Protein powder.

One more idea:

Veggie juice pack,

Frozen banana

1 Tbsp Almond butter

Almond milk

1/2 tsp. Cacao powder

Protein powder

Handful of ice

You can make endless varieties to keep you going, I make one every morning! Quick, easy, filling, Nutritious!

What do you all love in your smoothies?

What about collagen? I haven’t tried it yet.

Do you use sweeteners like monk fruit or Stevia?

Please share!

Have a great day friends!


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