Gather Inspiration!

I love to be inspired! I’m constantly gathering ideas and making notebooks of all my plans! I tell my husband that it has to do with our DNA! He’s the hunter, I’m the gatherer. If I’m not gathering tangible things, like patterns, fabrics, sewing notions, how-to’s, and fruits, veggies and berries for canning, then I’m gathering information! I’m storing those ideas and inspirations for another day! (I’m just sure I’ll use it all! 😉 ) I know that’s why we all love Pinterest and Instagram so much! We are constantly gathering that bit of info to help us decorate, DIY, work out, craft or make dinner.

Like most of us, I’m in awe of Queen Jojo. I love Fixer-upper and all her awesome books. I found Magnolia Table, and even though I knew deep down that I am now a different gal with Celiac disease, I just couldn’t resist!

I set up all cozy on my couch with my beautiful book. I loved it. It is so well done, with personal stories and photos, and amazing recipes. She is literally who I want to be when I grow up! I love nothing more than making amazing meals for my family!

Until recently you would always find me making homemade breads from scratch with grains I stone ground at home, pies with the flakiest crust, yummy, fluffy waffles with homemade syrup for breakfast, my own tried and true buttermilk biscuits that were fluffy on the inside, flaky on the outside, rolls, garlic knots..and all the delicious main dishes. I think you catch my drift…I so identify with her. She has her version of these yummy homemade staples, and others of course, but as I read, there were only a couple recipes I could now make as they were written.

In my heart, I was So sad. If you haven’t read earlier posts, my health declined this year and I learned that I had Celiac, and my whole world changed. Literally my self identity is going through the wringer! I felt a loss so profound reading this cookbook, knowing I was changed forever. This was never going to be me again. That particular side of me is toast…(Ya toast is gone too!) This has happened several times over the last few months, I get sad, feel the loss of the old me, and then tell myself that many people have it much harder than this, don’t be a baby, count your blessings and so on, I feel better for a while and then it hits again. I guess this is grieving?

I cried to a sweet friend, (she’s my nail tech Christie who has to listen to me while she makes my nails pretty), and she told me to go find what I could make, try to make something yummy that I could have, and throw away my Magnolia Table book! She gave me the kick in the rear I needed to stop wallowing in self pity and try. Try to find new things to be excited about. So I went out gathering and bought these books..

I’m not totally paleo with my diet, still a few things there that I can’t eat, BUT, these books are giving me some much needed knowledge and inspiration. They are ALL really good if you are needing inspiration in this area!

Oh ya, and I did get this magazine too, I can’t resist my friend Joanna, but at least it has decor and a lot more than just recipes. (And no I couldn’t throw out the other book, lol) hers a few more great books!

That day I tried making the Strawberry chocolate chip muffins that I previously posted about. They tasted so amazing to me! I felt a glimmer of hope that I could make yummy things. They may not be the yummy things I was known for before. I may no longer be buying huge bags of wheat flower, and be up to my elbows in it baking my family’s favorite treats. They may be healthy treats and other people may wrinkle their noses when I tell what’s in them. But for me-it was a break through in finding my new me.

I’m going to keep on trying, pushing through, and looking for my new self identity that will be a little different, but, just with a few new ingredients. But some of the same ingredients too, love, friendship, determination, gumption, creativity, service, and all handmade. I’m sure I’ll have setbacks and down days that I mourn what was and hate what is now. But I will always perk back up, and try again.

What do you struggle with?

Where do you go to gather your inspiration?

I sincerely hope to help and inspire someone else to keep going and find a way to be their best self. If you are going through something hard and life-changing right now, no matter what it is, keep going, trying, and find something or someone that can inspire you!

Surround yourself with positive people who love you and lift you up, and help you gather inspiration! I have been blessed to have brothers and sisters in law, my amazingly supportive kids, husband, parents and friends here to help me, and I do know I am blessed.



Me with my new Vitamix that my brother and sister in law got me to help with my new diet. I have the best support!

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