A whole new ME!

I haven’t shared a post in a while, and I’ll share with you why. I started getting sick at the beginning of this year, and after 4 months of terrible gastrointestinal problems, I saw a doctor specializing in functional medicine, and found out that I had Celiac disease! Are you kidding me?! He said I also needed to change some things about my health cuz I was looking at getting closer to being diabetic, my cholesterol was all wrong, I weighed too much and my gut was a mess! He said my gut was like a garden with all weeds and no flowers….I was then put on an elimination Diet, which took out all grains, dairy, sugars, beans and legumes, beef, pork and eggs…ummm what? You are kidding my right?!

Ya, so what do I eat? Lean meats like fish, chicken and game, fruits, nuts, seeds and a ton of veggies! This diagnosis and diet changed my entire world! In a world where I did bake and cook most of my family meals from scratch, and healthy ingredients, it also heavily relied on gluten and wheat flour! Everything had to change.

Literally every single recipe I had blogged about with the exception of the pico de gallo, is now something that I cannot even make or eat. This has been a very hard transition for me! I love to bake! And my poor family, they were used to homemade bread, pasta, pizza, garlic knots, and biscuits to die for! I am not supposed to touch or breathe or ever eat even a morsel of these things again. And I’ve had to learn a whole new way of eating, of shopping , prepping and cooking my family’s meals. As you can imagine there has been many tears shed, many frustrations, (all mine, my family has been super supportive!!) and even some skipped meals because I didn’t even know what to make. But I kept on plugging along.

Now that it is been a few months I am feeling better, my stomach is so much happier and I’m feeling a little more confident in my abilities to cook in this new way. I’m diving in! I still have my love of cooking, it is just different now! I look at eating and food in a whole different way. Eating whole nutritious foods is delicious and healthful! I’m happy, satisfied (most of the time), I have lost a ton of weight, I’m exercising, and literally feel like a new person!

I have added back in grass feed beef, which has been wonderful, and I look forward to more things soon!

So now, I feel ready to get back into my blogging again, yet from a little different angle. A healthier angle. I’m feeling more hopeful and I’m looking for good things to cook and eat!! And of course my crafty side is in overdrive now that I have energy and stamina again.

So, if you are still with me, thank you, I’m happy you are!

You know, life is a crazy journey! You never know which hills, valleys, twists, turns and adventures are coming up the road. That’s what makes our stories interesting. That’s what keeps us on the edge of our seats!

If the road was flat and the scenery was barren, there would be no adventure. I want to ride with the wind in my hair and gasp at the beauty as I make that next turn! So I hope you’ll join me as I explorer my newest life adventure!

love and health,


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