Blooper Reel

We have done some amazing things. We have seen some beautiful places. We work our butts off all year so we can see the world for a few weeks here and there. We have swam with whale sharks, manta rays, and hawksbill turtles. We have seen masterpieces, cathedrals, the Mona Lisa, the Eiffel Tower. We have climbed to glaciers, climbed up bell towers, and rowed a gondola through Venice. We have stood on the very ground where gladiators killed each other as crowds roared. We have stood where St. Peter was crucified, and where the Poet Dante was baptized. 

All of these things were only made possible because of hard work, and what I colloquially call our “blooper reel”. These trips, and all travel as amazing as it can be, are not always instagram perfect. On all of these same trips we have also crashed a moped, one or both of us ended up puking at some point ( I get motion sick super easily (even with patches, medication, etc. sometimes I still feel nauseated on boats especially) and Porter has caught a bug on a trip before). We have landed ourselves in the hospital, we have lost our debit cards, got on the wrong train, I fell into cactus spines, we have gotten lost, and accidentally ordered salmon on our pizza instead of salami. πŸ˜‚ So amidst all of the perfection of insta and all the gushing comments on our most recent trip to Vancouver, B.C. Canada, I am sitting in the airport and want to share a hilarious part of this trips blooper reel with you.

On this trip we hiked up to a true winter paradise called Joffre Lakes Provincial park.  This 6 mile round trip hike climbs over 2,000 ft to 3 staggered glacial lakes with breathtaking views and crystal clear water. We were beyond excited to do this as it is a landscape I have never seen any thing like before. So we started our drive from Vancouver up towards Whistler (where the 2010 winter omlypic games were hosted!!). 

Whistler turn-off

A little past we came to the turn off for Joffre lakes and followed the switch backs through drop dead gorgeous fall colors and thick foliage. As we neared the parking lot, we noticed we had passed some Sort of magical barrier and skipped straight through fall and went straight into winter! 

Where fall and winter meet
Lower Joffre Lake

Snow was falling steadily, and although we had warm gear and hiking shoes, we weren’t expecting a snowy trail. We pushed on as the snow wasn’t sticking much on the trail, just to the foliage. Well, 2,000 feet up was a different story. Through six inches of snow and heavy fall we made it to the top lake and glacier and marveled at the beauty of this strange world we ascended into.

Middle Joffre Lake

Upper Joffre Lake and The Maltier Glacier

 On our way back, the snow had accumulated over ours and other hikers packed footprints, making the trail very slick with packed snow and still more falling. We carefully edged down and were able to mainly stick to areas with fresh compressible powder to grip our steps, until I took one step that had unforeseen ice or packed snow underneath. 

It wasn’t a bad fall, I kinda slid to the side but caught my fall with my hand and ended up on my knees. I put my other hand down to gain some traction and immediately realized I was sliding again. On all fours. Face first down the trail. 😳

I think Porter could see the surprise in my eyes as I realized I had assumed a compromising position and turned myself into a human bobsleigh (as they say in Canada), and he rushed forward slipping along the way as he tried to get to me to help.  Meanwhile, I vaguely remembered my limited experience skiing that to stop you needed to turn sideways on the slope. (Although I never would have imagined I would use this knowledge with my shins and hands as skis πŸ€”). I executed my move and pulled to a stop. 

Porter came to check on me and was so worried I was scared when he saw me collapse with tears in my eyes. Only until I turned around did he realize I was racked with laughter and said “I thought I was going to sled down the whole trail that way!! On all fours!!!” We sat there in the snow for a good few minutes laughing declaring “assume the position!!” “A new record for the omlypic event, human bobsleigh!” And other equally self-depreciating jokes as we tried to compose ourselves to continue down the hill. 

So when you are traveling, and something doesn’t go exactly as planned, I want you to think that you could be headed face first down a snowy hill, in an…ahem….doggie-style position. πŸ˜‰ and remember life isn’t always insta perfect because I assure you even if I did have photo/video evidence of this event, I wouldn’t be caught dead posting it. 
Much love and happy travels, 

Randi (AKA the human bobsleigh) 

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