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Adventures in soap-making!

I am passionate about learning how to make things from scratch. One of my new endeavors is soap. “Soap?”, you say. “Why?” As I told my husband, I want to know how it’s made. What’s in it? What unhealthy ingredients do the manufacturers slip into it to make it bubbly and colorful? And what if I need to make soap someday from ashes and animal fat? I want to know the process, what happens chemically, and know that I can do it. My husband’s response…”I won’t be needing any soap in the apocalypse.”  My response? “You will if you plan on sleeping next to THIS princess…” šŸ˜‰

I bought the most wonderful book if you are wanting to learn. I am not going to give a tutorial here, there is too much to learn I believe, and the author does a beautiful job and gives many recipes! She goes step by step through the whole process, it is awesome!

Kelly Cable has her own Etsy shop, and blog at 

She goes through the benefits, the science, and the process. I read the book, gathered the supplies, (“Why do you want to buy Sodium Hydroxide (lye)? There are much better drain cleaners than that.” The man helping in the plumbing section of the store wants to know.. :/ )  and tried my hand at it yesterday.

This recipe was simple and basic, so I tried it first. It has coconut oil, olive oil and lard. (“How can anyone get clean with lard?!” My Sweet naysayer hubby asks?  Well it’s all in the science. The long chain fatty acids and sodium hydroxide react to make glycerol…..blah blah blah, it makes soap..)

I used some of my favorite DoTerra oils to make it smell great!

As I was working on it, I kept thinking, “this is never going to work, I’m surely going to mess this up!” I kept at it, followed all the instructions to the letter and poured my liquid into the mold, covered it, (prayed over it šŸ™‚ ) and left it to do it’s thing for 12-24 hrs.

I carefully uncovered it this morning, fearing a gooey mess, no, it was firm! I unmolded and voila!

Soap Success!! Soapcess!!

I have cut my bars, a little unevenly, not perfect store shapes, but somewhat square and hey, I made soap!  I now have them placed in a cool dry place for four to six weeks to complete saponifying (big word!)  drying, hardening and curing. Then it will be ready to use! Talk about learning some delayed gratification! 

So excited that my first batch turned out! As I washed up my tools and plastic mold that the soap was in, nice silky bubbles rinsed off. It felt like I had made a little magic. Why does it feel SO much better when you do it yourself?!

Now, which recipe to try next? I’m thinking a little Goats milk, cinnamon, oats and honey soap…sounds almost good enough to eat.  Maybe I’ll just go make some oatmeal cookies.

8 thoughts on “Adventures in soap-making!

  1. I just find it hard using my new pressure cooker. I will have a few over for dinner once I find a recipe that is outstanding. Yesterday I made chicken cordon bleu. Using a mallet to flatten the chicken was high tech for me this week. No, I did not pressure cook it. I am hoping to do some black eyed peas this weekend. That is about as “home made” as I can be right now. I know the soap is an important part of self-reliance. I am just hoping to learn how to use my food storage more frequently than I do. Thanks for the post. It looks wonderful and I am in awe that you are so willing to learn. Be careful.. You will be the next Relief Society President.


    1. Chicken cordon bleu is super yummy and takes some time! Sounds wonderful! I’ll find you some recipes you can try in your pressure cooker! I’ll also look for some good food storage recipes. Your mom said there is NO WAY she is trying my soap! šŸ˜€
      Naw, no worries about RS! šŸ˜‰


    1. The book is great! You have to be careful with the lye and kids, but she totally help you measure out oils and a few things like that to help. I’m really enjoying making it!!


    1. Oh good! I’m excited to try it in 4 more weeks! šŸ˜‰ I’ve made two more batches since then, all look pretty good. It’s been fun! I’m excited to learn from your blog!


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