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A Pop of Color!

Some outfits are bright, others pastel, many are a somber black or gray. All of them could do with a little pop of color!

What is a ‘pop of color’?

Here is a quote from one of our favorite designers, Kate Spade of New York, in their book entitled Things We Love. “A pop of color has the power to punctuate an otherwise ordinary setting and can make a far grander gesture than an overstated splash. Think of a yellow umbrella on a gray day, a red dress in a sea of dark suits or glossy green heels peeking out from beneath a pair of navy trousers…’s these little bright spots of optimism to the idea they accompany, and while they may seem serendipitous, they’re often the result of great attention to detail. When seeking the perfect pop, what is taken away is often just as important as what is left behind.”

A pop of color is many times an accessory. A sunny primary shade of pure color, drawing your attention to it. It may be a handbag, a scarf, bold necklace and bracelet combo, the lining in a jacket, a beautiful pair of pumps. Here’s a few ideas for you.

I adore a bold handbag. (Especially Kate Spade, but I have many different ones) you can take a navy polka dot dress, and red pumps and bag and you have something fabulous. The trick is not to overdo the pop. That is what is meant in the above quote about what is taken away is is often as important as what is left behind. If you match your shirt, shoes, bag and bracelet, there is no longer a ‘pop’. I like to do one pop, with an echo of the pop color somewhere else, but small.

For example, jeans, a white top, a yellow sweater. While yellow is a bright color itself, the pop of color is the green handbag and earrings.

One of my favorite color pops, are a great pair of brightly colored heels! I really love red. I also get compliments when using these yellow ones as a pop of color.

Scarves are also a fun way to add color! There are so many great patterns and colors, you can take something drab to fab in seconds! We love to go to Charming Charlies! If you haven’t been there, you need to find the shop nearest you. All the hottest colors grouped together in a display of jewelry, scarves, handbags, blouses etc. They make it so easy to find a great combo for your pop of color accessorizing! The yellow and green combo above is all from there.

Jewelry can really show personality, make a statement and add that pop!

Silver and turquoise Navajo pedant, shiny, colorful and beautiful!

That black cocktail dress is beautiful, but paired with something colorful and sparkly you have something really special.


And of course a pop of color doesn’t have to be an accessory, it may your dress, a beautiful skirt, or a sweater. I love these bright sweaters! The hot pink is by Ann Taylor.

This is a lace red pencil skirt by Sweet Salt that I love!  And look at that pop of color paired with this aqua pendant and earrings by William Wang. 

Men can also use a colorful tie, scarf or umbrella. A colored dress shirt or jeans can make a bold statement.

Cosmetics can also be a great pop!

I love lipstick as a pop of color! Picture a black and white striped dress, a small black handbag, red stiletto heels with red lips! Ah, the perfect pairing, I love it! It’s ok if you are not wearing hot pink clothes, you can still wear it on your lips! Even if it is your only pop of color, that makes it all the more dramatic.

Wondering what the hottest trends in color this year are? A place you can always go to find out is Pantone. They compile the hip new colors of the year at fashion week in New York and make a report on what they find. This year’s colors are these bright beauties! Wow! Greenery is Pantone pick for color of the year! It is so fresh, clean and bright. I’m loving it!

What are your favorite ways to add a pop of color to your wardrobe?

We hope we’re inspiring you to add a little pop this spring and summer!

Lots of love,

LaShelle & Randi

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