Our Favorite Things!

We wanted to share a few of our favorite things with you!  This month is all about cosmetics and beauty!  Something we both LOVE!  Here are some tried and true items you might like to try.

We are both in love with this eye shadow palette by Urban Decay.  They have a line of NAKED palettes, and they are all fabulous but we are both drawn to the NAKED 3~ rose gold! It comes with 12 colors.  Some are matte finish and some are sparkly!  All of them have a creamy soft texture that just glides on and is easy to blend.  It comes with a really nice 2 ended brush just perfect for putting the color right where you want it.  The smaller side has a great stiff rounded edge that works well for lining and precision.  At $55. this isn’t a small purchase item, but we feel it is worth it and then some, Randi is down to the pan in some of her colors!


This next item is from bareMinerals and this has become LaShelle’s go to for the past several years!  Complexion Rescue, Tinted Hydrating gel cream.  It really is all of those things, plus, it is spf 30!
We are fair skinned and so sun protection and hydration and a must.  It has a light creamy formula that you can feel the cool moisture in.  It has just enough coverage for everyday, even if you have some redness or uneven color.  If you want more coverage use a little more or some powder on top.  We both use this product and love it!


If you want to take away some of the frizz and dryness CHI Silk Infusion is a really great hair product.  Use it after shampooing.  It softens the texture and makes hair feel smoother.  LaShelle has long really thick and somewhat coarse hair, this stuff is awesome, I can use a handful and it feels so much better!  But for most people a dime to quarter size would more than do the trick, you don’t want it to look too oily. It doesn’t offer heat protection so using a heat styling spray is always a good idea.

Have you discovered Anastasia of Beverly Hills? Fantastic eyebrow sculpting products! I found this at Sophora. Randi got us turned on to this brand. We have several of their products, but our fave is this eyebrow pencil. It has the tiniest pencil capable of making the thinnest lines. No big crayon, that you can’t control, you can wisp in some natural looking eyebrow hairs! You can also fill in for a bold look as well. They have a whole line of colors to choose from! No having to sharpen either, just twist it up.

Ah, now this, this is LaShelle’s really favorite new thing. This mascara, it’s amazing. I don’t say that lightly, I’ve been wearing mascara most days for the past 34 years, I’ve tried every brand imaginable. Some I have loved, some not so much. Most of them do the job. I am lucky enough to have fairly long lashes, they are just blonde. So most regular drug store brands work. I have been looking lately though for one that thickens and makes my lashes longer and fuller. Well, I totally found it! Sumptuous Extreme, Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara by Este Lauder is my new favorite. I won’t feel the need to look further. It thickens and coats at the very first, you don’t have to do 60 coats. My lashes instantly look longer and fuller. And even though I will pay double the drugstore price, it is totally worth it! I love it!! 

We love the new obsession with make up sponges! Lots of amazing shapes and sizes to blend with! Just wet, squeeze, and blend your foundation. You can spend a little or a lot on these colorful cuties. And, the cool shapes help blend in different areas perfectly.

We would love to hear about your experiences with any of these products! We’re not selling anything, 🙂 just wanted to share some fun beauty tips for products we love! We love to hear about new products too!

Have a beautiful day!


Randi and LaShelle

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