Spring and Easter Musings




Each year as we draw closer to winter, days get shorter, colder, and as it gets darker outside, I feel a sadness.   All the beautiful plants wither and flowers die and turn brown and brittle.  In late summer I separate, prune and plant new bulbs with the hope of new life next year.  My kids leave for school while it is still dark outside. It is cold and we have to spend a lot more time indoors. It is not my favorite time of the year, although I do love the holidays!  But there is nothing at all like the feeling of the sun coming out again, the snow melting, and the temperatures rising.



Birds are singing their beautiful songs, bees are emerging, humming and gathering pollen.  Baby goats and calves are being born, and fluffy yellow chicks are pecking out of their shells. Then my favorite part, those beautiful green shoots coming up out of the ground!
It feels almost like magic!  Where it once looked dead and barren, covered with frost and snow, there is new precious life arising! It’s miraculous!  I go out to my garden and revel in the new shoots, trying to remember what variety these daffodils are and how many peonies will be on my bushes this spring! Wow look at the Iris’ blades coming up, I can’t wait to see their fabulous color show! The anticipation is excruciating and yet fabulous!  Then as it gets even warmer and farther into spring, they bloom!  The colors shapes and varieties are so lovely, and I love the bright colors, they are so happy!  Then, I get this incredible itch in my fingers to go and dig in the dirt and plant new plants, dream of new garden projects and look each day at what has bloomed in my garden.

So far this spring, I have planted strawberries that a friend had to dig up out of her yard.  My sons and I worked on terracing 2 more beds on our hill.  We moved rocks, shoveled dirt, took out a few stumps and threw a few bags of steer manure to help the soil be rich. (We still have more work to do)  This is my kind of exercise!  Good hard, clean (dirty) work.  Saturday, I planted 4 more peonies, and transplanted a few things, and trimmed and weeded. I went to Home Depot and bought 6 hanging baskets, brackets, soil and flowers to fill them with!  I will get to those tomorrow.  Sheer joy!

.  As I was working Saturday, I kept thinking about Easter.  About how I am just sure that it was no coincidence that Easter is in the Spring!  This amazing time of year of life and renewal, that glorious time that everything is reaching up and coming seemingly back to life!  When else would Jesus resurrect from the grave?

Each year as I watch my little red peony shoots come up out of the ground, I feel real happiness and joy!  The plant looked to be dead! Big ugly dried out branches hanging down. There were no signs of life anywhere.  And then with relief, I see the beautiful manifestation of new life spring from the earth.  They ARE alive!  And they will be bigger and better than ever.

I can’t help but think of Easter, of our Savior Jesus Christ, of Him dying on the cross and suffering for our sins.  But then, of Him emerging from the tomb three days later triumphant over death.  ALIVE!  Perfect, whole, and beautifully resurrected.   And then, because of Him, someday, so can we.  My joy is truly full!  Spring is so much more than that of flowers, projects and planting.  Because Jesus has overcome death.  He is risen!  He is my Savior and yours.  I feel so much humility and gratitude towards Him.  For His life, example, teachings, mercy, love, His atonement, His death, His grace.  And as I see each little flower blossom on a tree, or a tender shoot coming up out of the cold ground, I rejoice, that HE LIVES!


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