Home-Made Vanilla Ice Cream

With summer and it’s holidays coming, we are thinking of family get togethers, bbqs and cool treats! This is a sure to please family fave of ours! Cold soft vanilla with a hint of lemon. This is the real deal. We have been making this recipe for 3 generations in our family now. It is old-fashioned and tastes like it too!  Here is how you do it!

This recipe is for 4 quarts, if you have a 6 quart freezer like I do, add half of the recipe again,  it’s not quite doubled.



In the ice cream maker canister, pour-

2 pints half and half

1 1/4 C. Sugar

2 TBSP Vanilla extract

1-2 TBSP Lemon extract

Get a long spoon and stir, let the sugar dissolve while you make the custard.


3 C. Milk

1 C. Sugar

4 eggs

1 TBSP Flour

These ingredients are used to make a basic custard.(If you’ve ever made homemade custard or pudding, you know what to do!)

 Heat milk with the sugar and flour in a large pan until milk is scalded, (scalded is when you can see the film across the top, very hot, but not boiling)  the eggs you will need to have cracked and well beaten in a separate bowl. Slowly add a cup of the hot milk to the beaten eggs in the bowl as you whisk, so that you temper them, quickly beating the eggs as you add the hot liquid. This helps as you now add the eggs to the rest of the hot milk so that you don’t have scrambled eggs in your custard. So, as you add the the eggs into the pan of scalded milk, add slow and whisk quickly. Then cook stirring the whole time until it is hot, bubbly and thickening like custard. Boil approx 2 mins.

 Remove from heat. Let cool down. If you are concerned that you may have a few cooked egg bits, just pour through a wire mesh strainer.  Add the cooked custard  to the canister, stirring it well with the previous ingredients.

  (My parents put the half and half, sugar and vanilla and lemon extracts in a large bowl to dissolve the sugar, they cook the custard, strain it into the canister, let it cool, then add the bowl of milk and sugar, I just pour them straight into the canister and then add the custard to it, I guess it saves a bowl to wash. choose the way you want to do it, it tastes the same.)

Then if it is not up to the freezer line, add canned milk. Then it is ready to freeze!

Put in the dasher, attach top and motor, add layers of ice and ice cream rock salt, and get it started.

 It is noisy, so you might put it out on the porch or make it before your company arrives. It is ready when the motor struggles to turn. Pour off extra water and pack with more ice and newspaper on top, until ready to eat, or freeze for a later date. It will be a soft serve right out of the canister.

So delish!! Oh the happy faces and tummies!!

Put what you don’t eat into freezer safe containers for later! It freezes hard, so you can microwave it on low to help it thaw, or leave out for about 30 mins.

Enjoy! Happy summer!

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