Quick Skillet potatoes


Crispy and super quick breakfast potatoes

These are great after a night that you make baked potatoes!  Throw in more potatoes than you will eat into the oven so you have left overs.  Place in refrigerator after dinner.

Then sometime in the next few days, pull out the slightly funny looking shriveled baked potatoes, peel, and chop.  The insides are fine, they aren’t mushy at all.

Add approximately 1 TBSP of oil depending on how many potatoes you do, you may need a little more, it just needs to coat the bottom of a non-stick skillet, don’t make ’em swim in it.  Turn on burner to med. heat.  Heat up oil. When the oil is hot but not spattering, add potatoes.

Let them fry on that side for a minute or two, until crispy and golden. Add salt and pepper to taste. Toss with a spatula and do the same again several times until the desired crispness on other sides.  With the potatoes being cold and already cooked, they don’t get greasy, and they get golden in a few short minutes.

My boys thought I was a rock-star when I came up with this and put it in front of them in the morning!  They didn’t usually get skillet potatoes for breakfast before school. Cooking hash browns and skillet potatoes usually takes too long, even the frozen ones.  This is so quick and easy!  You will look like you were up extra early!

This is also really great for breakfast burrito making!

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