Travel, Beauty, & Wellness Items you will ALWAYS find in my Carry-on

There is something truly magical to me about stepping on unfamiliar soil. The new smell of the air-freshener hanging in the rear view of the taxi cab as the expanse if a turquoise sea greets you out the window. Listening to a couples quarrel in a different language while you are waiting in line for an exotic treat you have been waiting for for months. This coin has a flip side too, however, and this side is one that keeps many from enjoying the true pleasures of exploring somewhere new. It is the side of 14 hrs of total flight time, it is the airplane food, and the dehydration, and the struggle of packing. So as I am finishing putting final details on my packing for our 2-week European honeymoon extravaganza, I decided I needed to share some things that you might not think to take on your next trip. These small items make a BIG difference on you feeling more fresh faced, rested, and fabulous so you can enjoy your vacation.

travel essentials

  • The first complication of traveling fabulously is always sleep. Sleeping is difficult on planes, time changes make your whole clock thrown off, and lack of sleep can really make an otherwise wonderful trip pretty dang miserable. The obvious neck pillow and blanket/scarf I’m sure you have already thought of, and of course are as essentials as well. So the first odd things you will find in my carry on are these little beauties:

Travel essentials 2

Noise-cancelling headphones and a cute sleep mask.This combo is as close as it gets to your own personal room on the plane, equipped with blackout curtains and sound-proofing. These headphones completely cut out all jet engine noise, and seriously, as goofy as you may feel a sleep mask will trick your brain into thinking it is night, no matter the time of day, or if the passenger next to you has an annoying Adam Sandler movie on the brightly lit screen next to you. I purchased this one here at Charming Charlies. (Link shows exact one!)

  • The next travel mishap that can keep you down is being dehydrated. It is absolutely essential to stay hydrated. The pressurized cabins are especially drying, and lack of water actually worsens jet lag, headaches, crampy muscles, and other common travel complaints. So in swoops the best water bottle ever:

water bottle

This is an Under Armour vacuum sealed water bottle. It keeps your water cold for 12 (!) hours, has a locking cap to prevent leaks and is super heavy duty. You will have to fill it after you are through security, but it will give you the option to drink cold water for even your long flights. I promise, it is totally worth the trips to the bathroom, it will give you a chance to stretch your legs! 😉 Which brings me to the next travel challenge…

  • Bathroom stink. I know, it’s funny, embarrassing maybe, but there are just so many times while traveling that you are in public restrooms, small hotel rooms, or wanting to be discreet. Although I was given this as a sort of gag gift at my bridal shower…this item has made my top list as a must have travel buddy. The bathroom secret agent we have all wanted. 😉

Fruity booty

Unicorn Gold or Poopouri spray. I swear, guys, this stuff really works. You spray the water before you go and you can’t smell anything but flowers, glitter, and rainbows. lol Really though, it doesn’t cover up the smell like sprays it traps it in the water. There really isnt a better way to be a little more ladylike on a sexy romantic getaway…and tell your spouse to use it too! (Honestly they are probably the one that needs this right 😉 ).

  • After the flight or the morning in the airport, I know a challenge that I have is just plain feeling grimy and can’t wait to shower as soon as I get anywhere after flying. Many times, however, the trip itinerary just doesn’t allow for this so you have to fake it until you make it.

sephora wipes

I am absolutely in love these Sephora cleansing wipes! They are infused with coconut water and are cleansing, refreshing, and calming in the best way. These remove makeup with ease, and leave your skin lightly naturally fragranced and feeling clean. I have found that these even work for body wipes if you feel you need a little under-arm and chest wipe down as well. The best part about these are also the price…this whole pack was less than $5 and seriously feel so luxurious. If you aren’t a coconut fan, here is the page for a bunch of different scents and sizes.

  • On the prep and fabulous front you will never see my travel without my favorite lipstick or lipgloss. It makes me feel more put together and it immediately gives you a more finished look and ready to conquer your day of sightseeing ahead.

Kar von D Lipstick

I am obsessed with Kat Von D’s lipstick collection so for our Rome trip my ONE lipstick (it is hard for me to choose 😉 ) is this one. It is called underage red, is long-lasting, and smells like Vanilla Custard. How can you not feel fabulous when you have a pop of color and smell like custard?! I submit, you cannot!

  • Finally, my last odd carry-on beauty item is an essential oil multi-tasker. If you need some soothing, something to smell under your nose other than the jerky the man two seats behind you is eating, a perfume, a moisturizer for dry spots…this is your go-to.


Lavender essential oil. This is definitely my friend for those times during travel when you just need a little calm. This is a great aromatherapy tool to help with sleep, to use as a natural perfume, or to infuse in that jet tub that you are so looking forward to in your suite. It can be great for minor burns from rushing with your curing iron, and for smoothing those dry ends of your hair.  It is truly a jack of all trades and I don’t go anywhere without it!

Although this is not all of my beauty items for trips, these are a few that you may not think of that I have discovered that have made a big difference. What beauty and wellness items can you not travel without? What is something you didn’t bring but wish you did?

Happy Trails and Fabulous Flights,


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