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Corsage and boutonnière making


Proms, Weddings, Mother’s day and special occasions are the perfect time for a beautiful corsage. On the occasion of my oldest daughters first formal dance, we called a local florist and ordered a boutonnière. One single red rose. I was pretty surprised to what the total came out to!  I thought, I can buy a whole dozen at Safeway or Sam’s Club for that!

Corsages and boutonnières can be expensive, so in my DIY way, I got to work and found that formal flower making wasn’t hard at all.  With a little practice, I started making all my kids formal wear flowers, and made them for their weddings as well.  I have used silk  and real flowers.  Here’s how to get started!


Supplies needed: silk flowers, wire cutters, scissors, green floral tape, ribbon, buttons beaded wire or any other decorative element desired, and corsage pins for pinning them in place later.



  1. Gather up some smaller scale silk flowers.  Then get a few beautiful roses, or other stand out flower to be your focal point.
  2. Cut the flower with wire cutters, 3 or 4 inches down the stem under the flower head. For boutonnières one main flower is enough with some small scale flowers or leaves.  For Corsages 1-3 bigger focus flowers are usually good, then add in a leaf or some small scale flowers.
  3. Put flowers together in a little bunch, hold them together by the stems.  Picture that the back of the flower bundle will be up against a dress or suit coat, so the back will be flat and the front that you arrange can have more dimension.20170304_132528
  4. Take the floral tape and wrap around the bundle 3 or 4 times.20170304_133500
  5. Check the length of the stems, if they are mismatched or hang down too far, this is the time to trim them up.  Use the wire cutters.
  6. Now you can add fun decorative elements.  You can loop ribbon, lace or a piece of tulle and twist a piece of floral wire around it and put the wire piece down in with the stems and wrap more floral tape.  Fun loops of beaded wire, or even a fancy bead or brooch twisted on a piece of wire and placed into the bundle looks amazing!20170304_13433520170304_134510
  7. Now that you have it the way you want it, wrap it up and down with the floral wire, covering all the stem, pull and stretch on the tape as you go, that’s what makes it sticky.
  8. Eye your handiwork.  You may find that you made it too big, used all the same color, or it isn’t shaped right.  As you practice you can even cut the tape off and try again.  No harm done.
  9. I keep a little box with my corsage making supplies, and some nicer silk rose leaves, baby’s breath type flowers and other little odds and ends that I think may look nice in a corsage someday.

With a little practice you will be ready for live flowers.  With live, you will have to refrigerate after you make them, so I usually don’t make them until the day before an event if using live flowers.  But they can look and smell amazing!



6 thoughts on “Corsage and boutonnière making

  1. These are beautiful! I was also shocked about the prices for a corsage for one of my son’s formal events. Thanks for the tutorial!


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