Tea & quick Apple turnovers with Friends

Once and a while you just need your friends.  You need to talk, and be understood. Share with people that love you, and are there for you. We all have these times. I’m so grateful for besties that love me, and I try to be there for them.

I was happy to have a few friends over to my home the other day.  We got together to support and talk over a hard thing one of us is going through. I pulled out my favorite Wedgwood teacups.

I handed her a warm cup of honey lavender tea and few delicious bites to eat, and let her pour out her heart. We 3 friends went back and forth from tears to laughter. We talked food, kids, decorating and dreams. Hopes for good health and to be understood.


We didn’t really solve anything, but we’re bonded by the things we’ve gone through, and uplifted by our friendship and laughter. We are dedicated to helping each other any way we can, even if it’s just by making treats, putting on a kettle, and listening. Sometimes it’s the best thing we can do for a friend. Especially the listening.

Recipe for quick Apple turnovers:

Preheat oven to 375 Degrees



6 or so apples

White sugar


Corn starch

Pie dough, homemade or premade

Take out a muffin tin, can be circles or squares. The square tin I have is from Pampered Chef. The depressions in the tin aren’t as deep as a regular muffin tin.

Roll out pie dough in a thin layer, the same as if you were making a pie. Take a quart jar ring, and use it as a cutter. Cut out enough for 2 circles for each.


Chop up apples into bite sized pieces. Placing in a med bowl. Toss with a good coating of cinnamon and sugar. Add few tsps. of corn starch. Mix.


Place one circle of dough in each tin, pressing it to the sides and up as far to the top as it will go. Heap up a spoonful of apples in over the bottom layer of pie crust. It can go above the top on the square tin. Apples will shrink down when cooked. Don’t make it that deep in a muffin tin or your turnover will be too tall.

Place one circle of pie dough over each pile of apples, tucking the dough down and around the sides of the apples. Try to get close to meeting the bottom crust. With a knife, poke a few venting holes in the top of each crust. Place in oven.

Bake until top is golden, about 20 mins.


I make a glaze with approx. 1/2 cup powdered sugar and a TBSP of milk, add a tsp. at a time more if you want it thinner, stir up and drizzle over the tops of the turnovers. Carefully lift turnovers out with a fork, and place on a serving dish or plate. Can be served warm or cool. Enjoy with friends!


4 thoughts on “Tea & quick Apple turnovers with Friends

  1. Love this. Sometimes you just need someone to listen with soft shoulders, and good food always helps! I love your posts!


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